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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Photograph of the Week Part 3 October 23 2016 onwards.

14 January 2018. Shadows in the Snow.

Switzerland a few years ago.

7 January 2018 First post of the new year. I use an archive shot taken near Inerlaken, Switzerland a few years ago . It is very rarely I include myself in a post, this is an exception.

Myself at Interlaken, Switzerland.

New Years Eve 2017. Happy new Year everyone. I pick this shot of Strandhill, Sligo, reflecting on the past and looking forward to the new. Let light shine in your year for 2018. Regards to you all  Dermot.

Christmas Eve 2017. A very happy Christmas to all my blog friends. I have used this shot before but I think it would be a nice one to re post today. Taken near Krauchthal, Switzerland a few years ago.

Switzerland in the snow (what a surprise!!)

22 December 2017 Strandhill, Sligo this evening.

Surfer Strandhill, Sligo.

16 December 2017. It is that time of the year for a Snow shot. This was taken a few years ago in Switzerland.

Near Krauchthal, Switzerland.

11 December 2017 Strandhill Beach , Sligo yesterday evening , looking very Lunar.

Strandhill Beach, Sligo.

8 December 2017 Benbulben, Sligo taken this morning. My home ground.

Benbulben, Sligo, Ireland

2 December 2017. This week an archive shot from Zurich in the snow.

Zurich in Winter

23 November 2017 Strandhill, Sligo, this afternoon,

17 November 2017. Raindrops, crystal balls of nature. Taken this week on Slieve Dargan, Sligo.


11 November 2017. Local shot again this week, Strandhill, Slgo in late evening.

Strandhill, Sligo

4 November 2017. This is the lovely Lough Doon, Leitrim in the area where I grew up, a beautiful place. Photograph taken yesterday.

Lough Doon, Co. Leitrim

29 October 2017 Taken this week near where I live in the North West of Ireland. Late Autumn reflections, Deerpark, Calry, Sligo

Deerpark, Calry, Sligo

22 October 2017 This is a photograph I took a few days ago In Glencar, just 10 km approx from where I live.

Glencar, Sligo/ Leitrim, Ireland

15 October 2017. Vignemale, Pyrénées, France. Archive shot. A very beautiful place.

Vignemale, Pyrénées, France.

7 October 2017. From a recent hike on part of the Camino Frances in Northern Spain.

The track to Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

1 October 2017. No posts for the last few weeks as I have been walking again, this time on the Camino Frances from St Jean Pied de Port to Burgos. Here is a shot of crossing the Pyrénées.

The Pyrénées Napolean route.

15 September 2017
Archive shot of Rosses Point Sligo.

Rosses Point, Sligo.

10 September 2017 Delphi, Connermara.

Delphi, Connermara.

4 September 2017. Glassilaun Beach, Connemara, Ireland

Glassilaun Beach, Connemara, Ireland

26 August 2017. Morning Sunburst, Hazelwood, Sligo, Ireland.

Hazelwood, Sligo.

20 August 2017 An archive shot but still a favourite. Clouds over the Glacier at Vignemale, Pyrénées, France.

Vignemale, Pyrénées, France

14 August 2017. Nice climb up Benbulben,  (Sligo, Ireland) last Saturday. Here is a shot looking towards the Sea with Donegal in the distant background.

From Benbulben.

August 5 2017. Sorry for the long absence, photograph of the week is up and running again. This week I will publish a few.

Camino Sureste, Spain

Poppy fields on the Camino Sureste, Spain.

In Union Wood Sligo, with Colloooney Church in the background

1 May 2017. Bluebells near the Holywell, Sligo taken just a few days ago.

Bluebells, Holywell, Sligo

24 April 2017. Sorry for not posting the last few weeks. Here is a shot taken in France a few years ago.

Eglise Saint-Serin du Bosc, Quercy, France

26 March 2017. Beautiful weather here in Sligo at the moment, so many hikes the last few days. This was taken today overlooking Glencar Lake.

View of Glencar from Copes Mountain.

19 March 2017. Seagull in motion, Half Moon Bay, Hazelwood, Sligo

Seagull in flight.

12 March 2017. View of the Pyrénées taken from the window at the Gite in Eylie-d'en Haut https://giteseylie.jimdo.com/ The window was open and had two side panes which were obviously mirrored in some way. The side panes were in sections so it gives "picture framed" views of the area. The image was not"photo shopped". Take a few years ago.

Pyrénées Ariége.

5 March 2017. This is the Ladybird Spider listed as an endangered species,  I took this over three years ago in the Ardéche Department in France. It's numbers are now growing thanks to conservation work. It is the first time I have ever photographed something that was listed as an endangered species.

The Ladybird Spider, Eresus sandaliatus.

19 February 2017 This week I go back through the archives to find a photograph I took in 2014. It is Cirque de Navacelles which is located on the Southern edge of the Massif Central, France.  Cirque de Navacelles

Cirque de Navacelles

12 February 2017. This photograph was taken a few years back in mid November. The colour stayed in the trees late that year and were very strong.

Glencar, Sligo/Leitrim, Ireland.

5 February 2017 Benbulben, as seen from the Lower Rosses, Sligo.

Benbulben from the lower Rosses, Sligo, Ireland

29 January 2017. Photograph taken yesterday in my native part of the World.

Lough Gill, Hazelwood, Sligo.

22 January 2017. A lovely Sunset last evening over the historic Queen Medb's Cairn, Knocknarea, Sligo.

Knocknarea Sunset, Sligo, Ireland

14 January 2017 .Storm on the Wild Atlantic Way. This photograph was taken on the 12th of January on top of Benbulben, Sligo looking towards Slieve League sea cliffs in Donegal.

The Wild Atlantic.

9 January 2017. For the first photograph of the New Year I go to the area where I grew up. A beautiful place.

Lough Doon, Newtownmanor, County Leitrim

30 December 2016. Thank you all for visiting my blog during 2016. I hope you visit it regularly during 2017. A very happy and enjoyable New Year to you all. If you can, get out there for a hike maybe do a Camino. I now have hiked approximately 12,000 kilometres of long distance routes in just a little over five years (excluding all my daily hikes in my native North West of Ireland).

Reflecting on the year I enjoyed taking and sharing my photographs with you. In selecting a photograph to end the year I have chosen this one. I was privileged enough to have come across a Brocken spectre this year while walking the Camino Primitivo in Northern Spain This happened high above the clouds early one morning. It is a very large projection of my shadow into the sky surrounded by a multi coloured Halo. Click on the link to learn how a Brocken spectre   occurs and exactly what it is. For me it was a very special moment on a Pilgrim route.

Myself in a Brocken spectre.

24 December 2016. A happy and peaceful Christmas to you all.

Candles in the Snow at the Holywell, Sligo, Ireland 

It's coming near Christmas, so this week a snow scene. A traditional Swiss Farmhouse near Krauchthal.

Farmhouse in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland.

My photograph of the week this week is again from my native place.

Taken while climbing Benbulben, it looks towards Benwiskin. It shows freshly cut turf in herringbone pattern, it also looks out to the Sea Cliffs of Donegal. I have a special section in my blog of images from Sligo/Leitrim. There are well over 100 photographs in the one place here is a direct link Sligo - Leitrim Photographs

This week I want to let you know about about a special section I have set up in my blog. Many of you know I live in Sligo, Ireland. I hike here all the time and take photographs. I have  posted many here before but now I have created a section where you can see these images in the one place. Here is the link. Sligo Leitrim a beautiful place. Here is shot taken this week in Glencar.

Glencar Lake in the evening Fog.

1 November 2016. An extra post this week, taken this evening on my home turf. Strandhill, Sligo. "Silhouette on the Wild Atlantic Way"

                                  "Silhouette on the Wild Atlantic Way"

October 29 2016. This photograph was taken yesterday in my native Sligo, Ballygawley Wood in all it's Autumn glory.

Ballygawley Wood, Sligo

October 23 2016 I seem to be having some technical issues with Photograph of the Week part 2. It is therefore time to open a new photograph of the week section.

This week the photograph is an early morning shot on the Via de la Plata, Spain. Taken near Calzada de Bejar.

Calzada de Bejar, Spain